Reebok x Foot Locker in Madrid

reebok kenor foot locker madrid 2018

The 3:AM Reebok Classic Ripple Pop launch

The Reebok Classic Ripple Pop project celebrates collaborations with key city artists, creating capsule collections and activations around them. Reebok x Foot Locker 3:AM is about enjoying the creative spirit and bringing together people from all walks of life unified by their passion for creating.

Kenor was selected for the Madrid campaign as synonymous with the city creative flare.
It was a really collaborative process that created an artwork prior to the event dedicated to these vibrant trainers, around the exclusive Foot Locker products Reebok Classic Ripple Pop.

We ideally linked the graffiti artist’s style in with the joyful style of these trainers.
This artwork has been adapted as flyposters for a window campaign in Footlocker stores across key Spanish cities.

We also brought this to life in an event at The Moncloa Lighthouse with live painting and Toteking showcase to share creativity in different forms.

reebok kenor foot lockers madrid 2018

reebok kenor foot lockers madrid 2018

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