Movimiento solo show Galerie Celal

Movimiento flyer

Galerie Celal presents Movimiento

Paris, France
8 December 2016 – 5 January 2017

The abstract geometries that characterize of Kenor are always the result of the visual interpretation of the music that motivates his creative action: techno. The dance and movement, that generates this sound. Paint the movement of the human body, when dance with this music.A sound has a curve, a move a line This musical style, made from textures, makes Kenor’s interpretations compose music through gesture, the very act of painting. Each of them is the launching of an accurate, final line which arises in a visceral way. Composing a piece of work in which no line has privilege over the others, any colour prevails over others. His achievement is thereby to generate harmonic and coherent work from the purely expressive. The surface isn’t divided into coordinates,. It is the piece of work itself that takes its own rhythm, its own voice. Every gesture builds a line,one movement, each set of lines forms a sound, a rhythm, one dance. And it is the rhythm of each work what Kenor listens to and paints.
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