Oysho Yoga in Matadero Madrid May 2019

kenor oysho matadero madrid 2019

POWER. BALANCE. CREATIVITY. Oysho Yoga arrives to Matadero Madrid, Spain on May 11th and Kenor will attend the event

Kenor will join Oysho Sport during its next Oysho Yoga event, that will be hosted at Matadero Madrid next Saturday.

This edition will see his collaboration, with a visual interpretation of the yoga: during the sessions Kenor will be live painting a new unique artwork, two large pieces reflecting the energy and the flexibility of the movement in this sport.
The new Oysho Yoga concept will take form in a vibrant and lively way, thanks to colors and lines.
We will approach chromotherapy and color therapy, embracing an idea of beauty and artistic fitness.

In this scenario, professor ARIA Crescendo, Ambassador of the Oysho Sport Team, will give two sessions of active yoga.

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kenor live oysho matadero madrid 2019

kenor Oysho sport 2019

kenor oysho matadero 2019

kenor oysho matadero 2019

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