“Technicolor” show Adda Gallery in Ibiza

kenor Adda gallery hotel paradiso technicolor 2018.

On June 23th Adda Gallery officially open its doors at Paradiso Hotel in Ibiza with ”Technicolor” collective exhibition

Curated by Anna Dimitrova, “Technicolor” crosses between diverse influences starting from a fusion of Graffiti and Pop Art to which it later adds elements such as glitch, forced error, repetition and surrealist composition. Artworks features bright colors, many displayed in geometric designs.
The exhibition presents two wood sculptures of Kenor and several amazing artworks of great friends Uriginal, Nuria Mora, Smithe, Pro176, Spok, Enric Sant, Gr170.
“Technicolor” is a collective exhibition in which this idea of light and energy takes form in a vibrant and lively way. All the artists presented contribute with a diversity of different points of view integrated in one common dialogue, in which each one reflects on the relationship of music and their artwork, where the vibrations of sound, color, light and other sensations travel to create a context of beauty and intensity.

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

Void 76 Wood Sculpture kenor Adda gallery technicolor 2018.

B12 Kenor Technicolor Ibiza 2018

B12 Wood Sculpture Ibiza Technicolor 2018

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